Tree Lined Path

How it works
let's use a growth analogy


to be the best you can be...


4. Branches provide the framework

With strong roots and trunk, branches are able to flourish and provide a framework to support the growth you and your team are looking for.


5. Lush leafy growth of outcomes

The environment we create together provides support for the lush outcomes you and your team are seeking. Outcomes such as strong collaborative leadership, high performing teamwork, dealing with change and uncertainty, and understanding and meeting your stakeholder expectations. Outcomes may also include better decision making, conflict resolution, improved strategic thinking and problem solving, maximising your strengths, building strong relationships, improved wellbeing and many other beneficial outcomes.  

​Try some nutrient filled water and... 

1. Water cultivates grow

Think of what I do as adding additional nutrient filled water that cultivates growth.  In addition to the nourishment you and your team get from the environment (soil, rain, sun) I provide the opportunity for focus, support and insight.  I partner with you and your team and tailor cultivation to your needs.  


2. Roots establish foundations

At the root of it all is helping you to understand yourself and your team better. Developing your self awareness, awareness of how your team interacts, and appreciating the system in which you and your team operate in is the foundation of growth. Your system includes staff, other teams, internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, customers, and wider political, economic and environmental factors. It’s complex, and I help you focus on what’s really important.


3. Trunk builds strong support

I draw from a large toolkit of coaching, team coaching, applied positive psychology, change management and strategic tools and methodologies. Depending on the needs of you and your team, we experiment with some of these tools and imbed those that resonate by building new habits and ways of working.  Everything I do is tailored to your needs.  There are no cookie cutters here!