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Are you or your team going through change and/or working in complex environments? 

Who isn’t!

Harnes the power of high performing teamwork and ...

Think of me as water or fertiliser or sunshine – an apple tree can grow without these for a while, but it will grow much better with them - in just the right quantities at just the right time for its environmental conditions.

Are you a leader or in a team going through change? 
Are you working in a VUCA* environment? 

I help you ...


Grow to be
the best you
can be!

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Are you a leader or a team going through change?

Are you working in a VUCAH* environment?

Think of your team as an apple tree and
your leadership as the roots of that tree.   
The coaching I support you with is like water, fertiliser and sunshine. 
You can survive without these for a while, but eventually the impacts of our VUCAH* environment will hit hard. 
You might even wither and die. 

I cultivate trees, and their roots, supplying just the right quantities of water, fertiliser and sunshine at just the right time, tailored to your specific environmental conditions. 

You won't just survive in a VUCAH* world -
you will grow to be the best you can be!

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*VUCAH = volatile, unpredictable, complex, ambiguous, hyperconnected

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Through the lens of a team coaching case study, my book tells the growth story of a team I worked with during a particularly challenging VUCAH* period.

Readers walk in 5 sets of shoes,  experiencing the story from perspectives of the: team, team leader, organisation, team coach (me) and coach supervision and support networks.  

Multiple perspectives provide unique insight into team coaching and wider organisational development.

My book is described by industry experts as a must read for coaches, team coaches, human resource professionals, change managers, consultants, academics, students of organisational development, and of course leaders and teams.


my book

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We can learn a lot from trees: they’re always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward.

Everett Mamor


growth cultivator | leadership coach |  team coach | academic & author  

My style is authentic, energetic, experimental and contemporary. 

I love what I do!

My work is completely bespoke. To support this I draw from a large tool kit including: coaching, team coaching, applied positive psychology, change management, and strategic tools and methodologies.


I also tap into my own experiences of  leadership and organsiations. 

I continually invest in my own growth too, through ongoing training, teaching and

professional support.   

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About me

Organisations I work with

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 Growth stories

Helen has been working with the team I lead in a facilitation and team coaching capacity.  During this time our collective self-awareness and self-improvement grew significantly, resulting in increased accountability, collective decision making and ultimately improved outcomes. Helen worked with us using many tools and well tested management models and helped us apply our learning to real world execution.  We have all become better leaders as a result, both individually and collectively as a team.

Gary Connolly,  Deputy Chief Executive Finance and Business Insights, St John

Helen is a multi-skilled, high energy, and people-centred leader. I had the privilege of working with Helen in a change project to strengthen our department team culture at Auckland Council. Helen’s insights, creativity and drive made a positive impact on me, our departmental lead team and wider staff. She developed communications strategies and content and also provided appropriately framed mentoring and support to people involved. Her range of skills and experience adds real value to any team environment. If you get a chance to work with Helen - take it!

Graham Bodman, General Manager Operations, Auckland Council

Services designed specifically for you!









I cultivate teams and leaders, supplying just the right quantities of water, fertiliser and sunshine at just the right time, tailored to your specific environmental conditions. 


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