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Is a term Prof David Clutterbuck uses to describe someone like me. I study team coaching theory and best practice, apply it in real life, share what I have learnt with others, and influence future theory and best practice.

An example is the "Team Coaching in Action" event on 8 December, hosted by ICF Australasia. Join Tammy Turner, MCC, Master EIA and ITCA, GISA , the client (video), and myself sharing a real life team coaching case study. Sneak peak of the content below.

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In New Zealand our Pohutukawa flowering tells us Christmas is coming (picture taken in Auckland Domain yesterday). As we struggle to make it to the end of another tough year it's the perfect time to reflect on how much you have achieved despite personal, professional and global challenges. Take the time... it will be time well spent.


If you would like talk through structured reflection techniques for you and your team, please get in touch.

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Although individual resilience is talked about a lot, there seems to be a opportunity to focus more on collective team resilience. Defined as “the collective capability of a team to manage stress, remain healthy, adapt to and learn from unexpected challenges…” (McEwan)

Surely there is great potential in taking a wider systemic view of resilience, including interrelationships between team members and their environment. The whole can be much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

A few points to get a team discussion on resilience started…

· Do we adapt well to change?

· Do we promote self-care in our daily routines (e.g. take regular breaks, limit work hours)?

· Do we provide positive support to each other to get the job done?

· Do we encourage each other to feel part of the team?

· Do we focus on positivity not negativity?


If you would like to talk more about potential in collective team resilience, please get in touch. It's and interesting and valuable area to work on, particularly now in our challenging times.

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