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Think my name would be included in the same sentence as Professor Peter HAWKINS, but life is filled with surprises!

Team coaches, coaches and team leaders, take a look at Peter's new book. I am a contributing author, and in Chapter 13 I talk about the need for team coach self care. The self care message applies to all coaches and to team leaders as well.

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I learnt some new words this weekend, as Zoi Sadowski-Synnott “dropped” New Zealand’s first ever winter Olympic gold. She “put down” a “rad run” and “stomped” several great “tricks”. (Btw, I have no idea if I'm using these terms correctly). As I watched her amazing performance I thought about the team behind her success. Her family, her friends, her coaches, her nutritionists, her physios, medical experts and others less obvious. A great performance is a team effort, and without taking credit from Zoi, she didn’t do it alone. Her whole team deserves that medal.

In our work lives we need our team too. Behind every great leader is a great team, and behind every great team is a great team. If you would like to talk about how you, or your team, will “put down” your next deliverable, or, “stomp” your stakeholders, please get in touch. I’m sure it will be “rad”.


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Coming to you today from Aoteo (Great Barrier Island). I’m here on a self imposed writing retreat, and its working! No Netflicks, no TV, no shops (well there are two), no cafes (well there is one), no electricity, no phone connection and dodgy wifi. I was reasonably confident that if I tried to write at home in my office it wouldn’t happen.

Our brains are able to compartmentalise really well, and associate location with certain activities. It’s why we recommend working from home happens in a place that’s just for that, work (not the family dining table). It’s why we like face to face team coaching sessions offsite, and virtual team coaching sessions marked in some way to differentiate them.

So try it. If you or your team are struggling with getting traction on something, or finding it hard to focus, try a defined location. Perhaps that yoga you’ve been meaning to practice will actually happen in the garden or at the beach.

If you would like to talk about ways to compartmentalise, or you or your team are struggling with focusing, please get in touch. Oh, and if you have a chance, I highly recommend visiting Aoteo (Great Barrier Island), it’s a different and beautiful world.