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Audit your energy

We can store some energy and have some in reserve, but if the energy we use, or give to others, is greater than the energy we generate, or receive from others, it’s impossible to sustain balance. And we all know what that feels like!

I have been doing an energy audit with myself recently, and appreciate I need to rebalance. My focus is to increase areas that fill my energy reservoirs (sleeping well, appreciating nature, time with friends & family), and reduce/manage energy drainers where I can (although some are out of my control).

I think regular energy audits would be beneficial for all of us, and in a team context too. Some simple questions to ask yourselves and your teams:

· What do you do that drains your energy?

· How can you minimise or manage that better?

· What do you, or can you do, that increases your energy?

· How can you get more of that?

If you or your team would benefit from an energy audit, please get in touch.


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