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High Performing Teams learn together

Collective collaborative learning is one of the hallmark characteristics of a High Performing Team. How best to do this depends on the team, the environment and learning preferences. There are no cookie cutters, or set recipes for development success in this space.

Having said that, a team I was working with earlier today used the attached collective learning protocols I developed. Team members shared individual challenges and the collective team provided valuable insight and support , even if they were not directly impacted by the issue, and even if they do not have particular expertise in the subject area. We found that everyone benefitted from the process. And, as an extra bonus it builds trust and psychological safety at he same time. Thanks Christian Messelyn, MInstD, Alan Peddie, Isabelle Adams, Ian Howell, Donald Green, Damian Flynn.

Feel free to use this collective learning resource with your team, or download it from my website here...


And of course, please get it touch if you would like to discuss this further.


Collective Learning Propocols
Download PDF • 117KB

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