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Location, location, location part 4

Coming to you from somewhere near Waiuku (about an hour south of Auckland). I’m here on my fourth writing retreat… enjoying the power of silence…

I am hearing a lot from clients, colleges and friends recently that they are craving peace, slower pace, silence and downtime. We are much better at whatever we choose to do if we intentionally allow space. Our brains are amazingly powerful things, and sometimes all they need is some time to process. A college of mine said recently “from silence the answers will come”. I know my best ideas come when I am walking at the beach or sitting in a park… not when I am sitting at my desk jumping from meeting to meeting, with emails pinging and the phone ringing.

If you would like to talk more about how you and your team can build the power of silence into your lives, please get in touch. (Although I may not get back to you immediately, as I might be walking at the beach or sitting in a park 😊).


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