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Location, location, location part 5

Some twists with my fifth self-imposed writing retreat. First, mountains (National Park – central North Island) instead of sea. And second, it’s actually a “non-writing” retreat. I need a break and can’t fit in a holiday at the moment – so, I’m taking advice from a friend and repurposing other scheduled time.

If you are a team coach (like me) you will be aware that self-awareness, self-care and resilience are required as part of our core competencies (EMCC, 2020). It must be our priority to serve our clients well.

But a message for all of us here… if you feel you need a holiday (like me), you are probably already past the point of needing a break (like me). Be self-aware, take regular breaks, don’t just power on, or you might find yourself imploding (like me).

PS – plenty of pretty snow topped volcanoes around here.

If you or your team would like to talk through your priorities and how you can repurpose your time to enable better outcomes for all, please get in touch.

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