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The power of peers!

I have been part of the same coach peer group for around 8 years now. Some of us have moved in and out, and some of us have taken a break for a while, yet most have stuck together all this time. It's a safe yet structured space, to share our personal, professional and client related learning and challenges. Today we talked about resilience - our own, and our clients, what it means for us personally and the implications on our work. We shared personal stories, client stories, tips and research material. Thank you so much to our special group Aenslee Tanner, Alyson Keller (PCC, ICF), Helene Deschamps PCC, Sabine Hillebrandt, Nicky Benson, Gigi Hui (and past peers as well). Love you guys!

And of course, this is not just a suggestion for coaches. I am confident in saying all leaders would benefit from regular, structured, small group discussions, to share personal, professional learnings and challenges. If you would like some advice on how to structure peer conversations, please get in touch with any of us - I am sure we would be happy to help.


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