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The power of perspectives

I met several new colleagues over the last week. Superficially we seemed to have a lot in common – but our views on the topic in hand were not! The experience triggered powerful reflection which broadened my thinking. As a result I have adjusted my view around some parts of the subject and dug my heels in even harder on others.

An extract from something I am writing…

“Taking a walk in someone else’s shoes” is the easiest way to describe the act of perspective taking according to Duffy (2019). It requires both the ability to see another’s viewpoint of reality and, also understand that viewpoint in the same way that person processes and makes sense of the world. All perspectives are correct and valid, as each is the interpretation of our unique lens through which we make sense of the word. We do not know what we do not know, and perspective taking is a useful way to expand our own perspective, by learning from others perspectives.

If you or your team would like to experiment with the power of perspective taking, please get in touch. I have some fun techniques we can use to harness its power and achieve great outcomes.


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