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And real post-it notes and flip charts and sharpies! My first face-to-face team coaching session today since July 2021. The shift from virtual back to face-to-face went very smoothly. So refreshing to read natural body language, use tangible tools, walk around a room, and not have technology anxiety. And long may it continue!

If you would like to re-ignite your team development with face-to-face sessions, with real people and post-it notes and flip charts and sharpies, please get in touch.


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I think they are rarely ready for team development and coaching, but start anyway! Teams are/were also not ready for the impacts of COVID, or inflation, or wars, or other environmental factors, but it happens/happened anyway.

When I reflect back on a team I worked with over a number of years, and know very well, they were not ready. The leader wasn’t really open to change at the time, the team were new to their roles and completely absorbed with significant system and process changes, and they lacked the resources they needed to deliver to stakeholders. But we started working together anyway, and it turned out to be the right decision. Recently the leader shared “Looking back now I am grateful we started the work when we did, as the work done early on played a big part in having survived/succeeded the impacts of COVID-19.” And the team feel the same way.

We don’t know what’s around the corner and what may seem like the wrong time, might in fact be the right time. Just start!

If you would like to find out more about how team coaching can help you and your team survive the unexpected... just start... get in touch!


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2022 is flying by! While I am tracking well with some goals I set for myself and my business for this year, I'm making very slow or no progress with others. And I am fine with it. I didn't exactly plan the environment I find myself in either!

I am sure you and your team are in a similar situation. The uncertain and quite frankly crazy world we find ourselves in is more reason that ever to give ourselves a break, acknowledge everything that has changed since setting our goals, celebrate progress made, and practice self and team compassion.

Take a little time over Easter to reflect, and give yourself a break!


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