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Location, location, location part 2

Coming to you today from Charles Bay (near the top of Coromandel Peninsula). I’m here on my second self-imposed writing retreat, and it’s working again! I do have electricity this time (what a treat) but no wifi, dodgy phone connection and shops and cafes an hour away.

As I am sitting here in paradise thinking what a good idea this is, I am conscious of my senses connecting to a new environment. I hear the sea lapping below me, native birds singing, and cicadas (rather than the Western Motorway and city sirens), I see the sea, the bush, and the occasional boat pass by (rather than concentrated medium rise apartments), I smell fresh air and notice my hay fever has disappeared, and I feel a cool sea breeze (rather than stifling humidity).

I was talking to a college last week (thanks Ruth Donde) about senses connecting with nature as a form of mindfulness, and I’m doing it right now. A great conversation was started which I hope we continue.

So try it. If you or your team are struggling to focus, and/or you’ve tried mindfulness techniques that don’t seem to connect/resonate, try changing your location to a place filled with natural mindfulness.


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